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Keep Liberty Beautiful: Nominees help make area beautiful
MM Jerry Grubbs Sunbury
The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Grubbs of Sunbury East End is one of the homes nominated in the HomeProud program. - photo by Courtesy Photo

Are you HomeProud? Thankfully, many homeowners in our community are, and we are delighted to showcase a few of them this month.
We started the HomeProud program last season with the goal to recognize and publicly thank the many homeowners who keep their private properties attractive and litter- and junk-free. This recognition program is based on nominations from people like you, who recognize and appreciate that their neighbors who are HomeProud.  
These homes are displayed this month on our Keep Liberty Beautiful website picture gallery, as well as the website picture gallery of the Coastal Courier, our program partner.
Do you ever experience yard envy? I have to say that I definitely had a severe case of it as we took pictures of these lovely yards for our photo gallery. The yards’ personalities are as varied as the personalities of homeowners. They range from being lush spaces with flowers and greenery to shady areas with big, leafy trees and peaceful shade gardens that make you want to sit a spell and escape from the summer heat.
The yards and homes also vary. Our HomeProud homes are sizes from cozy bungalows to stately brick homes. This is one of those times when size does not matter. Any home — no matter what size and value — can be a HomeProud home. It just takes a little care, a little pride (the good kind) and a lot of love.
People take care of their homes and yards for many reasons. Some do it because their neighbors do — the “keeping up with the Joneses” thing. Some people garden for therapy. Many people have shared that the therapy of gardening is a wonderful release for them — the perfect way to get into nature and out of one’s head.
Some people garden to create. There really is an art to creating an attractive, aesthetically pleasing landscape. I think some people who are naturally good at it do not even realize how talented they are. Again and again, as we contact people to let them know their homes were nominated, they express surprise and even concern that they should do a little maintenance before their homes are photographed. I let them know that their homes already really look great!
Some homeowners keep their yards pretty as a tribute to loved ones they have lost. Vicki Wilkins in Gum Branch shared that she and her husband, the Rev. Roger Wilkins, did yard work together every week. As they finished each time, Rev. Wilkins would laugh and say, “Well, Vicki, we did it again! We are ‘Yard of the Week!”
The Rev. Wilkins passed away a number of years ago, but Mrs. Wilkins faithfully keeps their yard as attractive as ever in memory of him. What a lovely way to keep loved ones close to your heart.
The other constant response we have received is a sense of delight that others have noticed and appreciated their efforts. Yes, we have noticed all of your efforts and sincerely appreciate your results. The efforts these homeowners make reflect positively on our whole community.  
Here are this season’s nominees:
Jose and Alda Cabica (Allenhurst), Mr. and Mrs. Larry Logan (Allenhurst), Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Godwin (Flemington), Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Higginbotham (Hinesville),  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Burchfield (Hinesville), Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Colon (Hinesville), The Bakers (Hinesville), Mrs. Sara Brown (Hinesville), Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson (Hinesville), Mrs. Vicki Wilkins (Gum Branch), Ms. Joy Kennedy (Hinesville), Mrs. Edith Mobley (Midway),  Mr. and Mrs. Robert King (Midway), Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Rogers Jr. (East End), Mr. Drew Payne (East End), Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schultz (Midway), Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Osbourne (Riceboro), Mr. and Mrs. Sam Feigles (Riceboro) and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Grubbs (Sunbury East End).
We thank these homeowners and are honored to show off their lovely homes. Please check out the picture galleries at and  
Our next nomination period for the HomeProud program will be in the fall.

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