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Letter to the editor: ACOM stretches out hands of hope
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

As difficult and troublesome these days may be — soaring food costs, out-of-control gas prices, inflation outpacing the daily cost-of-living expenses with no relief on the horizons. 

Just think, if it’s difficult for the average two-income household, imagine the effects on a single mother raising her children alone, or the local homeless men (or women), or how about our seniors living on a fixed income, or perhaps individuals living in uninhabitable dwellings throughout the city of Hinesville.

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, these current times are affecting every one of us, directly or indirectly. It is because of this current economic climate that Another Chance Outreach Ministries, Inc. (ACOM), sought out to bring some type of relief to the least of them within our community. With much preparation and strategic planning, ACOM sponsored a Community Haircuts and Giveaway 2022 event on Saturday, June 18. We felt the sincere urgency to give back to those in need.

ACOM had been sponsoring community giveaways and bi-annual Haircuts for the Homeless events since 2019, but due to the global pandemic, these events were put on hold. During the two and a half years of the pandemic, all fundraising and outreach activities were either cancelled or postponed. The budget to assist the street homeless population with daily hot lunch meals and our distribution of emergency housing vouchers were negatively affected by our inability to raise the funds needed to assist those in need within our community. We were determined to forge forward in our mission to try and make a difference in the lives of others who stood in need of help. As the pandemic mandates were easing up worldwide, yet the economic landscape was beginning to become more and more difficult, we realized this was the opportune time to stretch out our hands of hope.

The Community Haircuts and Giveaway 2022 event served more than 350 meals and provided 50-plus “free” haircuts for all who desired one (including women). Brand new seasonal clothes and shoes (for men and women) were given out, 100-plus food bags/boxes were distributed, and 200-plus household goods bags and personal hygiene packets were handed out as well.

In addition to the necessary basic human-needs items, the event added a special touch by having a “Christmas in June” table set up and stocked with Christmas presents for the families who attended. Though we are one of the smallest community outreach agencies in Hinesville, God has connected us with some eager and selfless community volunteers who saw the need and did not hesitate in assisting our efforts. We would like to thank Mr. Lonzo Johnson, Ms. Lawanda Hicks, Ms. Linda Jackson, Mr. Willie Knight (barber), Mr. Matthew Johnson (Jazzy’s Barber Shop), Mr. Matthew Farrell, Pastor Katrina Deason (and the Manna House volunteers) and Ms. Tiffany Copeland. The Community Haircuts and Giveaway 2022 event was graciously hosted by Pastor Glenda and Elder Jimmy Bradley and the House of Refuge Church family.

We would also like to thank the Morning Manna Radio Broadcast, the Gospel 94.9 FM/106.3 the Sparrow radio personalities, BBQ Heaven Restaurant and those who made monetary contributions and those civic (City of Hinesville — American Rescue Plan Grant-/Liberty County Board of Commissioners — American Rescue Plan Grant) and business (Neighborhood Walmart #4519 and #4525 — Community Impact Grant) entities who also provided an additional source of funding for this event.

We look forward to resuming our outreach schedule within the community to enhance the quality of life for our street homeless friends and for families in need. This year marks our fifth year in existence, and our goal is to continue to provide basic human-needs resources as they become available to us. Though we will continue in our daily outreach, our next fundraiser will be in November 2022 in preparation for our Annual Season of HOPE 2022.

ACOM is a 501c3 non-profit organization. If you would like to assist ACOM with a tax-deductible contribution, feel free to send your check or money order to Another Chance Outreach Ministries, Inc., 935-15 E.G. Miles Pkwy., Hinesville, GA 31313; or cashapp: $ACOM4U. For more information on ways to help us help them, please call (912) 321-5901 or visit us on Facebook @ Anotherchanceom.


Another Chance Outreach Ministries, Inc., Board of Directors

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