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Long County coverage is great
Letter to editor
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Editor, You know, it’s good to have a local news writer here in Long County for the Coastal Courier in Hinesville. That’s one of my favorite newspapers, and I feel lost without my Coastal Courier.
It’s so nice to have Mr. Mike Riddle in Long County, whom I met for my first time at my appreciation program on Saturday, May 28, at St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church.
I enjoyed all my family and friends who came out from far and near to witness this occasion.
Mike did not miss a beat, as he was being a good news writer, and I would like to thank the Courier for a job well done. 
I also want to thank all of the counties for their sharing and support; I had a good day. Sometimes I have bad days, but all of my good days outweigh my bad days, so I won’t complain.

— Frances C. Daly

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