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Shame on lawn-decoration thieves
Letter to editor

Editor, Hello, thieves, how are you doing today?

You should feel like getting on your knees to pray!

You sneaked into our yard and stole our 12-foot inflatable Santa Claus

Did you happen to hear the old devil’s applause?

One of the Ten Commandments says, “Thou shalt not steal.”

You went against God’s command, so tell me, how does that make you feel?

Are you bragging and proud with a smug smile on your face?

I can assure you that God isn’t smiling if that is the case!

There were two sets of footprints and beer cans thrown in the yard

The work of two thieves trying to make a good family’s Christmas hard.

You stole more than Santa Claus; you stole the Christmas spirit

Now tell me, thieves, was it really all worth it?

That Santa Claus was a gift from a family member who recently passed away

It wasn’t left to you, so we know that God will make you both pay

So fill him full of air and inflate him once again

Then take a good look at him and think about your shame and sin!

If anyone has any information about who might have stolen this inflatable Santa Claus on Tuesday, Dec. 8, off Moody Bridge Road, please notify the Long County Sheriff’s Office at 912-545-2118.

Shirley Williamson

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