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Sound off for Jan. 26

“Why hasn’t Liberty Regional Hospital complied with a new law requiring prices to be posted of the services they provide? And we have some doctors on the take for they get paid by Medicare and Tri-Care and then turn around and charge the patient $200 more. These doctors must belong to a high priced country club and did not take a Hippo oath in Medical School. For I am sure glad all my doctors are South Coast Doctors who don’t play the rip-off game of the patient or the federal government like the local doctors do that belong to Liberty Regional that have been in trouble before.”

“If you want news on how the people in Hinesville feel about President Trump and his government shut down because Congress won’t fund it. Your reporters need to ride the Liberty Bus to get an ear full. For the shut-down has slowed or stopped Social Security payment to people on Social Security. And Medicare maybe affected. And no food stamps. They are not paying the Coast Guard! I wonder when they will run out of money for aviation and Marine fuel for the Coast Guard. Then the illegal immigrants can come by boat to the United States a long with the illegal drugs. For most of what I hear about President Trump is all negative on my bus ride.”

“We need new Leadership at the First Presbyterian Christian Academy School in Hinesville!!!! You right they are not the number one school.”

“Parish Crossing Development is in trouble. The HOA has not been managed in over 10 years. No unpaid dues or fines have been pursued in over 10 years, leaving it a mess and in severe debt. The owner of the development is a well-known local attorney. It’s shameful.”

“I want to give a shout out to a library staff named Christine for standing up to a man who harassed me for money the other day.  I’ve been a loyal patron for over a decade and you’ve always helped me when I was in a pinch. Keep up the wonderful work!”

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