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Sound off Mar. 4
Sound Off
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This is Sharon! For todays medical information is on High blood sodium and the Medical name for this is Hypernatremia> and the symptoms of this are weakness, sluggishness , confusion, paralysis, coma, Seizures, Heart Failure, Stroke, and  Hypertension. The Symbol for Sodium is NA and it can be found on your lab work in the BMP Panel. For NA Safe levels of Sodium in the blood is 132-146 MMOL. Anything above this is High. Treatment for this is to drink a lot of Water to delute the NA in your blood> Next step of treatment would be to cut back on your sodium intake from food to less than 2,300 MG a day. And for those with High Blood Pressure ( Hypertension ) your intake of sodium per day should be no more than 1,000 MGs a day. For you can get more information on this from the Calorie King. And the University Of California San Francisco Medical Center Web Site’s. Also notice when a item says no sugar added that the sodium values will be higher. Read the Labels on food and pick the foods with the lowest sodium values. Most soups are high in sodium . So look for the soup that has low salt written on the can. Most Junk Food have high Values of sodium. For most Fruits and Vegetables have low sodium values. For I hope this information has helped some of you out there.

I wish Dr.Lee would consider running for Liberty County School Board. She would be a excellent board member.

The North end of Phillips road (yeah that road again) is getting “mushy” once more. Please fix this mess!

Marcus Scott is running for Liberty School board again. I Thought you  live in district 5. Now you say you live  in district 2. But all your  friends say you live Long County for the past 5 year..

Ellen Golden at the  Liberty County voter Registration please look into this.

He’s a scammer and a trouble maker.

We don’t need a Democrat for President. For their party is using scare tactics with the Corona Virus as a tool against President Trump. And this may be why the stock market is doing bad. For if you cause mass panic in the people over this virus you will end up with people not going out a shop for food on the table. People will be to scared to go to work and end up staying home. And schools will close because teachers and students will be to scare to go to school. And all this will destroy what President Trump has done to get the economy on track since he took office and was part of his platform for getting elected for another 4 years.  For the Democrats want to isolate the people by fear. If everyone uses a little common health since we can beat this virus before it becomes a epidemic here in the United States. And what ever happened to medical care robots who would not be effected by the virus to take care of those with the virus?

Is it not okay to apply for a job at another school? A principal went off on the staff about them leaving. Maybe if things went better at your school no one would want to leave.  Petty is as petty does.

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