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Sound off Oct. 30
Sound Off
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In the mental health area the preoccupation on the impeachment of President Trump by the Democratic Congress has made it so no bills get passed by the United States Congress to include a budget that may shut down the Government. Shows we have some very mentally ill Democratic Congress people. These Democrats need fired and treated for their mental illness.

 We have two honorable men Bill Taylor and Robert Muller they understand the true meaning of Duty, Honor , Country. Something the imbecile of a president will never understand, this highly dishonest poor excuse for a human being who has betrayed his oath of office.

Let’s see if the Coastal Courier will help improve morale in the local schools systems by only posting sound offs that promote positivity, encouragement, and successes.  If you have an issue, go to your administration!   Keep it positive in the sound off when it comes to our schools!  There are GOOD things happening!

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