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Sound off for Sept. 12

“To the caller who ranted and raved about their warm welcome at Snelson, you were fooled. Snelson has always been great at putting on a show. I used to work there, worst school in Liberty County, hands down. I could tell you horror stories. The students have no respect and get no discipline.  I feel sorry for the well-behaved children who have to attend there.”

“Please stop throwing your garbage out your car window. It sets a bad example for children and makes your community look like a garbage dumb. Show some respect for yourself and others, thank you.”

“I am so sick of listening to the school system boast about all the improvements with PBIS.  The only reason our numbers look better is because these administrators do not address the problem behavior. The kids get a tap on the hand, and they are right back causing problems. There are no repercussions. I feel so sorry for the children who actually want to learn and do something with their lives.”

“I am a Vietnam veteran. I don’t know which is worse; Jimmy Carter giving amnesty to all those people who didn’t go to Vietnam, or the terrible things that our president said about John McCain the POW Vietnam veteran who recently died. Both of them are very bad.”

“Why can’t our new Deputy Superintendent live in the county limits? Moves straight to Bryan County. We won’t hurt you Sir!”

“Did you ever look at what countries items are made? This includes packaged food all the way to medication. It’s very interesting and in some cases are really worrisome.”

“Could someone please tell me who designed the new fire response areas? They are totally outrageous.”

“This is in reference to the person speaking of the Willow Wood subdivision sign still not being fixed. I would like to say I live in Eagles Landing and the citizens and homeowners of Eagles Landing got together and purchased our new sign and it looks good. So maybe that’s something you all should think about.”

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