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Stop Trump if you want U.S. to fail
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor:

Stop Donald Trump at all cost! That’s what we are hearing from the far-left Democrats. Exactly what do they want to stop? Do they want to stop the growing economy? During his first two years, the economy has grown beyond where most experts thought possible. The GDP is growing at a 3-plus percent rate. 

Do they want to stop job growth? The unemployment rate is near a 50-year low. The economy added 3.2 million jobs. 312,000 were added last month. Usually, layoffs come in December.

Do they want to stop the stock market advances? The stock market has escalated 27 percent along with a surge in corporate profits, which are coming close to setting records. Employee pensions are dependent on this growth. Even with the crazy drops recently, the market is high.

Do they want public safety to be cut back? The murder rate declined in the 30 largest cities because of support from Trump’s administration.

Do they want to stop President Trump’s efforts on illegal border crossings from Mexico? There are 730,000 illegal aliens in jail for crimes. Eighteen people are killed every day due to drunk illegal aliens.

Do they want to stop the growth of wages? They increased 1.2 percent since he has been in office.

Do they want stop the increased value of their home? Generally, their home’s value has increased 17 percent.

Do they want to stop manufacturing jobs? These high paying jobs increased by 344,000.

Do they want people from being self-sufficient? Food stamp recipients dropped by 7.2 percent, meaning these people are now working.

Do they want to stop the President from cutting taxes? Trump’s tax plan doubles the standard tax deduction. It increases the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000. Plus, there are many more cuts. 

Do they want President Trump to stop rolling back unnecessary job-killing regulations? There are 22 deregulatory actions for every new regulatory action. He cut many regulations that were harming farmers and energy producers. The price of gas is under $2.00 in many places.

Do they want to stop the president from negotiating a de-nuclearization treaty with North Korea, or taking action to confront aggression by Iran and its proxies?

Do they want to stop Trump from securing increases in defense funding in order to rebuild our nation’s military with the resources they need? Ask the solders at Fort Stewart. 

Do they want to stop the president from combating the threat of MS-13 in order to protect communities from the horrendous violence the gang has spread? The Department of Justice works with partners in Central America to file criminal charges against more than 4,000 members of MS-13.

Yes, stop President Trump if you want the country to revert back to failure again.

Len Calderone


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