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Battle at Beach for Tigers
The Lady Tigers were scheduled to play the Lady Bulldogs Tuesday night in a rematch for the number one seed. In their previous game Monique Willis (in blue, 23) of Beach forced the game to overtime. She is the main Bulldog threat for the Lady Tigers. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The Bradwell Tigers were to travel to Beach High School and face the Bulldogs Tuesday night in a battle for who stays on top of 3-AAAAA in the women’s division.
The Lady Bulldogs hoped to avenge a loss to the Lady Tigers in overtime the first time they met at the Tigers Den on Jan. 15.
For the Lady Tigers it becomes a matter of protecting the ball and keeping Monique Willis, the Lady Bulldogs top scorer, out of scoring position.
The Lady Tigers drastically reduced their turnover ratio in their last game against Windsor Forest from the high 20s and 30s to 17. They needed to repeat that performance to pull out a lead and keep the Lady Bulldogs in check.
The Men Tigers are hoping to feed off the energy and intensity generated last Friday in their one-point win over Windsor Forest. They are currently ranked number three in the region and a win against the Bulldogs will keep them poised in the top three as they prepare to take on Johnson High in their last game of the regular season on Friday.
Returning to assist in the scoring is Brandon Hayes who sat out the last two games due to a technical penalty. With his return and the added assistance from DeAndre Ross, who played in Hayes’ absence, the Tigers add depth to their bench, something coach Pete Woodard said lacked in the last two games.
Game highlights and preparations for Johnson will be in Friday’s Courier.
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