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Follow your feet on recovery shots
The rules of golf
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Q: Your tee shot has landed in trees, and you are lucky enough to be able to make a full swing for your next shot. However, you don’t have a straight path to the green, but a low hook or low slice might get you out of trouble and maybe on the green. How do you go about hitting either of these shots?
A: The way to hit either of these recovery shots is accomplished primarily with your set up. If you decide on the hook shot, aim your feet, hips and shoulders to the right of the target and aim your club face at the target. Swing in the direction that your feet are pointing and with the club face aimed at the target (closed in relation to your swing path), your ball should start right and hook back to the left toward the green. If you decide on the slice option, aim your feet, hips and shoulders left of the target and open the club face to aim toward the target. Swing in the direction your feet are pointed and with the club face open toward the target, the ball should start left and slice back right toward the green.
Tip: It also may help you to rotate your hands a little clockwise when you grip the club for the hook and a little counterclockwise for the slice. Also remember that with the club face closed for the hook, the ball will have a lower trajectory, and with the club face open for the slice, it will have a little higher trajectory.
As always, have fun playing and practicing the game of golf and email me at with any questions. Join us at Sapelo Hammock on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for continuous learning to help you improve your game.

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