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Did you hear what the lady in Texas killed?
Limerick Plantation
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Eyesore of the week: Just beyond Fleming Baptist Church, heading north on Highway 17, there is a dilapidated house with dozens of junk cars, trucks and boats all over the property. This mess is at the corner of Sand Dollar Road and Highway 17, near another church. It looks to be some sort of repair business. No matter. It needs to be cleaned up.

New businesses: A Peebles department store is going in the old Winn Dixie building in Hinesville and I’ve heard a Zaxby’s is going into the old Sonny’s building. I can’t wait to see the start of the Sawgrass project at the old Glebe Plantation in Midway.

Chupacabra: Did you hear about the lady in Texas who claims to have found the carcass of a chupacabra near her property. This creature resembles the creature from the Black Lagoon. It stands on its hind legs and has spiny points down its back. It is said to have large eyes and big claws that’s used to kill its prey. This lady said something had been killing her chickens and she thinks it was this creature. For those of you with computers, look him up. He’s one ugly critter.

Beautiful sunsets: The best days to watch our coastal sunsets are at summer’s end. Watching that “ball of fire” sink into the horizon allows you to witness all the wildlife gathered at the river. There is an abundance of egrets, wood storks, green and great blue herons and even (on Tuesday) two dolphins — one light gray and one dark gray. They entertained me for more than a half hour. I laughed when I saw an egret trying to seduce a green heron. The heron would have no part of it. What a luxury we all have who are blessed to live on the coast. Let’s just hope Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson gets his way and we will be rid of property taxes.  

Train ride: I didn’t know until recently that in North Georgia there is a train called Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. It will take you on a three-hour ride through the North Georgia mountains. Seniors pay $32.10, adults $38.52 and children $19.56. What a fun adventure for the entire family.  

Recycling: How many of you wash your plastic and glass bottles, remove the labels and cap, wash out aluminum and tin cans, and save newspapers and magazines? Do you know how much “stuff” our Earth is going to be filled with if people don’t recycle? When I think about metal, glass, plastic and especially disposable diapers going into the earth, it boggles my mind. Sure it takes  effort, but if you teach your children and grandchildren to do it, their children will have a better world in which to live.  

Bumper stickers: I just have to share these with you. These are bumper stickers that could possibly rock our world. On a plumbers truck, “We repair what your husband fixed.” Another plumber’s truck, “Don’t sleep with a drip. Call your plumber.” On a plastic surgeon’s bumper, “Hello, can we pick your nose?” On an electrician’s truck, “Let us remove your shorts.” Outside a muffler shop, “No appointment needed. We hear you coming.” On a radiator shop, “Best place in town to take a leak.” At a car dealership, “The best way to get back on your feet — miss a car payment.” On a septic tank truck, “Yesterday’s meals on wheels.”

Live oaking: Come walk the beautiful guided trail at Melon Bluff on Sept. 22. Learn about “Old Ironsides” and the tall ships that saved our nation. Discover why wood that sinks, makes ships that don’t. Plant an oak. Learn why Georgia should be the “pitch state.” Discover why our coastal natural resource was once as valuable as oil is today and could be priceless again. Meet live oakers, explore their camp, taste their food and hear about their danger-ridden lives. Climb a tower into the treetops. Have a great family fun day.  

Family paddle:
Want to spend a Saturday with your family on a river? Well, contact the Baxley Chamber of Commerce at (912) 367-7731 to reserve a spot on the Altamaha River on Sept. 29. Adults’ pre-registered fee is $15, children under 10 are admitted free. Bring your canoes, kayaks, lifejackets, sunscreen, sack lunch and drinks. Bottled water and T-shirts will be on sale. Canoe and kayak rentals are available through Three Rivers Outdoors at 594-8379 or 245-0193. The paddle will begin at Town’s Bluff and end at Deen’s Landing. I have done this trip before and can attest that it is one of the prettiest sections of the Altamaha. You never know when you’ll see wild turkeys, wild boar or a flock of birds. You unload your boat at Town’s Bluff, then drive your vehicle to Deen’s Landing and park it. Then school buses shuttle you back to Town’s Bluff so when you finish at Deen’s Landing, your vehicle is waiting for you. What a fun paddle.
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