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Liberty's dress code policies
pirate uniforms
Taylors Creek Elementary School students were dressed to impress when riders of the Georgia Partnership of Excellence in Education Annual Trip Across Georgia dropped by for the schools Best Practices Showcase. - photo by Photo by Danielle Hipps

Elementary school colors:
• Button Gwinnett: Red
• Frank Long: Burgundy
• Jordye Bacon: Hunter green
• Joseph Martin: Red
• Liberty Elementary: Gold
• Lyman Hall: Red
• Taylors Creek: Light/baby blue
• Waldo Pafford: Gold

Middle school colors:
• Lewis Frasier: Red
• Midway Middle: Black
• Snelson-Golden: Gold

High school colors:
• Bradwell Institute: Royal blue (shirt); navy (pant)
• Liberty County: Black (shirt); black (pant)

The Liberty County School System dress code has some minor tweaks this year.
Elementary school students can wear navy or khaki pants, skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers as long as they are not shorter than 3 inches above the kneecap.
Denim, knit, jogging, cargo, skinny and skater pants are not allowed. Pants and shorts legs cannot have zippers or pockets, and pockets cannot have zippers on them.
For elementary students, pants must be worn at the natural waist with a plain unadorned belt if belt loops are present.
Shirts that are solid white, navy or the elementary school’s additional color are acceptable as long as they are tucked in and there are no ruffles, lace, elastic or smocking on them. Shirts may have school insignia,
but no other ornamentation is allowed.
Middle school students can wear khaki, navy or black pants, shorts or skirts. Jumpers also are permitted as long as they are sleeveless and khaki with an approved shirt underneath.
High school students can wear khaki shorts or pants with one additional color chosen by each school. Liberty County High School students also can wear black pants, and Bradwell Institute students can wear navy pants or shorts.
Middle school and high school students are permitted to wear plain belts that are navy, black, brown, white or khaki.
They may wear solid white polo or collared shirts and blouses and the additional color chosen by their school that follows the same guidelines as the elementary schools.
Shoes must be enclosed and tied or fastened properly. Socks, tights, hose and leggings are allowed under uniforms and must be solid navy, black, white or the school color and must be a matched pair with no designs. Leggings and material containing spandex (Lycra) are not permitted for middle school and high school students.
Body piercings are not permitted except pierced earlobes. No extreme hair color, hairstyles or makeup are permitted.
For more dress code information and guidelines for dress down days, go to

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