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Choose well Tuesday
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Editor, Our country’s failure to remain true to our founding fathers ideals amazes me. Wasn’t our country based on Christian doctrine and morals?
For you fellow Christians out there, look at what this world has become. This next presidential election can make or break our country. It’s obvious that most of Hinesville and the surrounding towns are pushing for Obama. Do you really think Obama is the answer? Why allow a liberal Democrat who “OKs” abortion to run for president of our United States? The world sees abortion as just a part of everyday life, like it’s nothing.
News flash: Abortion is murder!
Any human being in their right, sane mind should be able to see that, no matter what the circumstances are. And, do you really believe that his whole “lowering tax for the middle class” is going to work? Yes, his plan sounds great on TV, but break it all up and you’ll see that in the end, we will be paying almost 30 percent more taxes than we do now.
Sounds like a great plan to me.(sarcasm)
However, those are just two topics that are ridiculous. Do I really need to go on with more? It seems to me that the people of this country have forgotten our whole purpose in living the lives we’ve been ordained to live. We are to follow God and base everything on his word, not create our own belief system.
As Christians, we should want to stand out from the crowd, stand up for what is right in every aspect of our nation’s choices and decisions. Making sure we do the will of God and not just the will of the people needs to be our aim.
I hope this makes some of you think about your vote in this upcoming election. Make sure you know that your choice is truly the most beneficial, Christian choice.

Britt Schaadt
Too young to vote, but want to make a difference
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