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Heart of Christ needs help closing
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Editor, The Heart of Christ is located on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Hinesville. We started The Heart of Christ over 23 years ago.
Through this ministry, I have been able to provide food, clothing, home furnishings, emotional/spiritual support, and even financial assistance to needy members of our community. We rely on the generosity of others to maintain the Heart of Christ, but we've often provided out of our own meager means to pay the bills and help others.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have to leave the building that we've rented for the Heart of Christ and need to be out by the end of March. We've not been able to find another building that we can afford to rent, so will be donating everything in the building to another charity in Hinesville.
Volunteers are needed to pack and move the contents of the building. There are also some utility bills still owed.
If it is in your heart to help in any way, please stop by the Heart of Christ or me at 492-5460.
We did not start this ministry in a building. Years ago, I began by distributing food and clothing, and ministering to the needy from my front porch.
The closing of "The Heart of Christ" will not deter me from my purpose in life -- serving others. No one or nothing will steal my joy, even in the midst of this unfortunate predicament.

Gloria Wynter Christ and
Friends and supporters of Heart of Christ
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