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Judging a book by its cover
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Editor, We are all human, but we are gods in our own mind. One can argue with me the fact that this statement is blasphemy, but how far is this statement from the truth?
We, as humans, do the one thing, which is reserved by God and God alone, which is passing judgment upon others. Every day we judge someone wrongfully.
How do you judge one wrongfully you ask? Simply put, our instincts as humans make it a habit to judge the book (a person) by its cover (the person's appearance). You may be saying to yourself that "I'm not the type who judges a person without getting to know them," but this cold and unforgiving reality says otherwise.
We all have judged a book by its cover, no matter how hard some of us (people) try not to, but we do anyways. Think back, think really hard. There has been a time you said you didn't want to know someone because of the clothes they wore. But know this, you could possibly be judging a book and passing its fantastic story just because the way the book was dressed.
Every human is guilty of such an action and in turn, condemn themselves to hell. Not the hell as in the one depicted in the Bible, but a social hell. This hell is our own creation, and in the end becomes our demise. Think about the last person you made fun of that you didn't know. Do you realize what harm you cause that person?
You can go through day-to-day life without knowing that the person right next to you might take their life the next day. Why? Because you made a few jokes about them. You thought it was harmless fun to make fun of that person you didn't know.
You didn't think that the person across from you in class was going to shoot up your school, so you didn't know better when you were just making a few racial remarks to the poor person. You didn't deserve to die when that exact person came to school and killed 50 students, you being one of them. Or did you deserve it?
Even if such a tragedy occurred, we would label the kid a psycho and mourn for those who caused the kid to become a psycho. Life is ironic in that way. We automatically judge the shooter as a psycho. But, realize this: we just judged another book.
Has one ever wondered why people would ever think about going into a school and shooting everyone in sight? Well, if you have wondered why and have not come to the answer, think about what you're doing the next time you are making fun of somebody, or the next time you pass judgment unto others.
And, so I ask, with the power to control ourselves and how we conduct ourselves, do you not realize our words have the power of life and death? How close to being gods are we if only our words can determine if one decides to commit suicide or shoot a school full of children? Our words affect those with personal issues and by our own whim, we make someone anorexic or bulimic. This is because we judge the book by its cover and not about the words we speak.

Eric Causeway
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