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Pets are just property
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Editor, I too have known Mike (Riddle, not Vick) for years. He was gracious enough to accept the post of best man at my wedding.
My only appreciation for Mr. Vick is the many fantasy football points he earned for me. Riddle wasn’t even in our draft.
I share the opinion that domesticated dogs are personal property. My health insurance carrier makes no allowance for me to claim benefits for their veternary care and I have no interest to invite an IRS audit by attempting to claim them as dependents on my taxes. If the dogs didn’t want to fight they should have “just said no.”
It should be considered that others, unknown to us due to the lack of media coverage, have probably been incarcerated and released after committing similar crimes. It should also be considered that those others, if they chose, returned to the work force without incident and are probably going about their lives with the pleasure of not having to be judged by individuals who have no business rendering any judgment.
I’m happy to wish Michael Vick the best of luck. He has served his sentence for his crimes; thereby, repaying his debt to society.
He is not being rewarded for his previous offenses. Rather, he will be compensated based on the perceived value of anticipated talent he might bring to a team.
Heck, didn’t everyone like Farve better anyway? Just kidding. Go Broncos!

George Bogan
Colorado Springs, Colo.,
formerly Hinesville

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