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Bradwell Tigers basketball record as of Feb. 7.
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Bradwell Men
Win against Tattnall on 11/27/07
Loss against Brunswick on 12/4/07
*Loss against Groves 12/7/07
Win against Wayne County on 12/8/07
*Win against Camden on 12/11/07
*Win against Jenkins on 12/14/07
Win against Glynn on 12/15/07
Win against Brunswick on 12/18/07
Peach State Holiday Classic
Win against Tri-Cities on 12/27/07
Loss against Wenonah High School 12/28/07
Loss against Tri-Cities on 12/29/07
*Win against Windsor Forest on 1/4/08
Win against Glynn on 1/5/08
*Loss to Savannah High in OT on 1/8/08
*Loss to Johnson on 1/11/08
Win against Tattnall County on 1/12/08
*Win against Beach on 1/15/08 (home)
*Win against Groves on 1/18/08 (home)
*Win over Camden County on 1/22/08 (away)
*Win over Jenkins (OT) on 1/25/08 (away)
Wayne County on 1/26/08 (away)
*Loss to Savannah High on 1/29/08 (home)
*Win over Windsor Forest on 2/1/08 (home)
*Win over Beach High on 2/5/08 (away)
*Johnson High on 2/8/08 (away)

Lady Tigers
same dates as men's games
Win against Tattnall
Win against Brunswick
*Loss against Groves
Win against Wayne
*Win against Camden
*Win against Jenlkins
Loss against Glynn
Win against Brunswick
Peach State Holiday Classic
Loss against Westlake
Win against Erwin
Loss against Douglass
*Win against Windsor Forest
Win against Glynn
*Win to Savannah High
*Win to Johnson
Win against Tattnall County
*Win in OT over Beach
*Win over Groves earn first place in region
*Win over Camden County in OT
*Loss to Jenkins
Wayne County on 1/26/08 (away)
*Win over Savannah High
*Win over Windsor Forest
*Loss to Beach High
*Johnson High on 2/8/08 (away)
* regional games

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