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Make mine grande, quickly
Liberty Foodie
starbucks coffee by saldon-d3ilpw6

UPDATE: As of May 3 Starbucks has officially opened.


Hurry up and open the doors, Starbucks. I want my venti mocha Latte and I want it YESTERDAY!

I don’t care that we, locally, missed out on the Unicorn Frappuccino nonsense. That drink didn’t matter.


Sweet, yes. Colorful, yes. All pink and purple but NO CAFFEINE. What’s the point?

If I am going to indulge in something that has more sugar in one serving than most food items I know of (the Unicorn had 59 grams of sugar to be exact), it better contain caffeine to boot.

I want all the caffeine jitters baby. Make it worth my while and later worthy of blood pressure meds (joking).

Each day as I drive by the new Oglethorpe Square Shopping Center, I glance toward the site of the new Starbucks and all I get is a taunting sign — COMING SOON.

(Ummm, same thing for the new Golden Panda Chinese and the Chick-fil-A. All COMING SOON. Come on man!).

We have waited long enough and endured the arduous task of having to get a visitor’s pass to Fort Stewart just to get our Starbucks fix, time and time again.

We’re done waiting people.

Ummm, oh wait, no we’re not. You have teased us far too long. It’s more than likely your first day open will have lines halfway into Midway. It means I may have to wake up at 5 a.m. and have some coffee just to be alert enough to park my car properly (as in only taking up one spot. You know who you are) and stand in line for MORE COFFEE.

People are likely to order several coffees. They are hoarding the coffee just to have backup coffee and avoid the long lines of we’ve-been-waiting-for-you-to-open-for-decades.

It means that in order to keep my sanity (stop laughing), I will have to prolong my anguish of waiting in order to avoid waiting in long lines. It’s full circle poop-ness.

I’m crying here!

And if it appears that I am JACKED up on coffee right now, I AM.

Anticipating the opening of our own Starbucks, I bought out enough Starbuck’s Komodo Dragon Blend to last a week. But I drank it all in one day — a whole pound of coffee.

SCRAPE ME OFF THE ROOF, please pretty please.

Did you know Starbucks also sells tasty pastries, sandwiches and breakfast items? I didn’t know that for the longest time. Why? Because it is NOT COFFEE. When I walk into a Starbucks I definitely have tunnel vision for all things coffee — nothing else will do.

Apparently they sell tea too.

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