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Sound off for July 25

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Button Gwinnett is getting a new kitchen and a new library.

Is there any way Liberty County High School could change the school governance committee meeting? Parents can’t be there by 3:30. That’s too early.

I was just looking at the Courier, the full page about the local Muslim family looking forward to the faith celebration. That’s inappropriate, a full page about Ramadan.

No wonder the citizens of the United States can’t benefits due to us. The government is giving it to people who have their bodies changed into male/female. I don’t believe these people qualify for benefits. God said he only made male and female in the beginning. Please read Romans 1:32.

Hey, Georgia drivers, if it is raining out, or if it is sloppy, turn your lights on. If you need to use your windshield wipers, turn your lights on. It’s not rocket science.

Why does it have to be about African-Americans? There are a lot of Americans that can’t find jobs. Nobody is afraid to hire African-Americans. I’ve owned a business here for 20 years and pay the best I can. What I’m finding out is that some of these young Americans are sorry and lazy, and don’t want jobs.

Thank you to the man who was driving a YMCA van on 196 toward Glennville. He stopped and herded some cows coming off a pasture and onto road. He prevented an accident.

Do you have a bur under your saddle partner? Well this is the perfect outlet for it. I’d advise everyone in town with a problem to call this number.

The only reason these candidates that lost the election keep these signs up is so people can see their pretty face. They need to get these things taken out of here.

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