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Sea creature makes Darien appearance
Altie 1 - color
The 20-foot statute of Altie was created by Atlanta artist Rick Spears.
What’s 10-50 feet long, calls Darien home and has been around for more than 200 years?
Meet the Altamaha-ha, Altie, Darien’s very own sea creature. A 20-foot replica has been created by Atlanta artist Rick Spears and it was unveiled May 12 at the visitor information center at Preferred Outlets at Darien.
Sightings of Darien’s legendary sea creature have been reported since the time of the Tama Indians to the colonial days of Gen. James Oglethorpe’s Scottish Highlander regiment. Even present-day Darien-McIntosh fishermen have Altie tales to tell.
Is Altie real or imaginary? Stop by the Darien-McIntosh visitor’s center and decide for yourself. Don’t forget your camera. This is a great photo opportunity for young and old alike and Altie does not plan to leave any time soon.
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