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Long students do TV, radio shows
Tammy Driggers sets up the Morning Show. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
“Good morning Long County High School. I am Angela Ashley and I am Sam (Samantha) Strickland and you are watching the Blue Tide Morning Show,” the bubbly students said.
At 9 a.m., it’s time for Karen Swindell’s Multi-Media Class to do their thing to entertain and inform the rest of the school.
The show is telecast on campus from 9-9:15 each morning, between first and second period.
During the telecast, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Blue Tide Creed, and a moment of silence for prayer and reflection are shown on all of the school’s televisions.
Afterward, announcements and special activities are reported to the students, followed by special themes from Movie Monday — information about current teen movies — to the Word of the Day.
The class is designed to teach students ways of using media tools to help them with their studies and also to prepare them for the ever-changing world of technology.
Besides learning how to write, produce and film news broadcasts, a radio transmission is recorded for the local radio station to air later.
The students also learn how to create diverse visual aids using bulletin boards, slide presentations and computer programs.
“I think it’s a good class and it has been a great experience. I like working on the computer and it’s fun to be on TV,” senior Tammy Driggors said.
The class consists mostly of seniors who are preparing to go to college or technical school.  
So far this year, the students have put together the programs for the Rose Ceremony Pageant, and will also provide a slide show for the senior banquet.
“I took the class because I thought it would be interesting. It also helped me not be shy in front of a camera, and to make killer Powerpoint presentations,” senior Beth Fleeger said.
Senior Angela Ashley said, “It really is a fun class. I never thought I would be able to get in front of the whole school and do anything.”
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