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Hinesville Police Blotter
blotter- week 43 11-7

Possession of cocaine: Leg shake drops the weight. While police were transporting a suspect to jail on an unrelated crime, drugs were found in the back of the patrol car. Before putting the suspect in the vehicle, he stopped and started shaking and tapping his legs. The suspect also used his hands to adjust his pants in a downward motion. When he got into the patrol vehicle he kept moving around in the backseat. After transporting the suspect to jail, the officer found drugs in the back of his patrol car that tested positive for cocaine salts.

Criminal trespass: Drunk man destroys property. Police arrived on the scene to a man in his driveway, possibly under the influence of alcohol, holding his baby in a blanket. While one officer stood with him, the other made contact with his wife. The wife told police her husband was upset because she wouldn’t give him the keys to their truck. The man then went around the house tossing belongings, flipping beds, and smashing a laptop and printer. The man left and returned home and went into his children’s room, and grabbed their phones, and told them if their mother didn’t give him the keys to the truck he was going to break them. He then went into his bedroom where his wife was sleeping and took the baby out of the bed. When police arrived he advised them that he would sleep in his shed to deescalate the situation. Police left the scene, but were called back after his wife told 911 he was destroying more property. Police arrived back on the scene and arrested the main and transported him to jail.

Simple battery: Talks of retirement lead to fight. Police arrived on the scene and made contact with a woman. She explained that she and her husband were drinking when they were discussing retirement. The woman told police that her husband pushed her to the ground during the argument. When police made contact with her husband, he admitted to pushing her on the ground and apologized for his actions. The woman then told police she would like for her husband to leave for the remainder of the night. The husband agreed and was picked up by a friend without any further incident. 

Accidental injury: Angry worker runs over foot. Police arrived at the scene and made contact with a man. The man told police that his coworker had come into work very angry that day. While working on apartments, the man ran out of fire extinguishers and went to his coworker’s golf cart. The coworker then came rushing towards his golf cart and told the man twice to, “Get the f*** out the way.” The coworker then jumped in the golf cart and drove away, running over the man’s foot. The coworker was asked to later come to the police department to give his side of the story. The coworker told police a similar sequence of events but said he did not run over the man’s foot. 

Disorderly conduct: Man arrested outside of police department. A man came into the police lobby and said he needed a police officer outside in the parking lot. When police went outside another man was yelling at him. Police stepped in between the two individuals. One man was yelling, “I’m gonna clean you up.” The man was ignoring the police’s commands and kept yelling at the other man. The man was then arrested for disorderly conduct. The other explained to police the verbal exchange began when conducting a custody exchange with his wife.

Simple battery: Man locks wife out after argument. Police arrived on the scene to a woman who advised them her husband pushed her out of their residence and locked the door. The woman told police she fell and sustained a minor scratch. When police made contact with the husband, he told them he didn’t want her in the residence because he suspected her of cheating on him. The man told police he would go to a neighbor’s house to cool down before coming back home later that evening.

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