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Police seek suspects in troubling case
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The Hinesville Police Department is seeking out the suspect or suspects responsible for entering and vandalizing the vehicle of a Hinesville man Sunday.

According to the incident report HPD Officer Jeffrey Allmond met with Mario and Kelcey Randolph at their Rowe Street residence after returning home and finding their Chevrolet Avalanche had been vandalized.

The report states the driver’s side window was shattered, the gas cap was opened, speakers and a radio had been removed from the truck and a racial slur had been spray painted along the side of the vehicle.

The slur seemed to target the interracial couple. She is Caucasian, he is African American.

The couple said they left the house Sunday around 5 p.m. and returned at 10:45 p.m. As they approached their home they spotted the damage and spray paint and called the police.

Based on the police report Officer Allmond stated that the spray paint was still drying.

Kelcey Randolph stated she was walking around her neighborhood earlier that day when a Caucasian male drove up to her and asked her if she needed a ride, if she had a boyfriend and if he was her type. She said she replied that she didn’t need a ride and was married and that she only liked African-American men.

She said there was no exchange of angry words but the man continued to follow her until she got home.

According to a report on WTOC the Avalanche had the disabled veteran Georgia license plate which Marion Randolph earned serving the country. They also reported that it appeared someone poured something into the gas tank as the vehicle would not start.

HPD has turned over the investigation to detective Johnathan Greer. The investigation will cover the crimes of entering an auto and criminal trespass.

The City of Hinesville released the following statement on the matter.

“On Sunday, Jan. 29 the Hinesville Police Department received a report of an entering auto and vandalism to a vehicle. Detective Jonathan Greer is currently investigating this incident as an entering auto and criminal damage to property. Once a suspect is apprehended, additional charges may be applied. Anyone with information regarding this case can contact Detective Greer at 912-408-8277.”


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