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New chiropractic facility opens in Hinesville

A new chiropractic facility has opened in Hinesville on South Main Street. Live Oak Chiropractic has taken over the spot of the former Mad Hatter’s Hair Salon at 462 South Main.

Dr. James and Melissa Ferry are both happy they get to call Hinesville their new home. Both grew up in small communities in Upstate New York. Most recently, the couple who have been married for 10 years, resided in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Hinesville has that small town feel that we both love,” Melissa Ferry said. “I love that we can go to community events and find parking and have less traffic. I think I’ve used the phrase y’all here more than when we lived in Charleston.” 

Dr. James Ferry was a chef for 16 years. After that he was a licensed massage therapist for 10 years. Dr. Melissa Ferry started her career as an educator. 

The couple ventured into the field of chiropractic medicine when they experienced major improvements in their health and well being after being treated by chiropractors themselves.

Dr. James Ferry suffered a severe back injury in 2007 that left him barely able to walk or stand for long periods of time.

After receiving chiropractic treatment, Ferry was able to regain his mobility, health and vitality. Dr. Melissa Ferry was under chiropractic care during her pregnancy, which she said allowed her to have an amazing pregnancy and birthing experience. She knew that chiropractic care could be used to benefit the many sick children she had seen through the course of her teaching career. 

Dr. James Ferry said having a background in culinary arts and massage therapy gave him a better insight in how the body uses food, functions at work and at rest, processes disease and how the human anatomy works and can heal, especially through chiropractic care.

He explained that chiropractic medicine looks at the human body as a whole. He said the human brain is a vital organ in providing essential neurological impulses to the body.

“The brain is always giving life,” he said. “This life is carried through the spinal cord and nerves.”

He said if these life pathways become compressed or damaged, less and less of the healing benefits of the brain’s electrical impulses makes its way to the intended area which can then begin to manifest as pain, degeneration and even disease.

Chiropractic medicine is the method used to clear these blockages through various techniques as well as adjustments.

The initial exam includes a one-on-one consultation with either Dr. James or Dr. Melissa Ferry. After filling out an intake form, clients are shown a video about chiropractic medicine, its practice and methodologies. Clients are questioned about any aches or pains and past medical history. Clients are then put through some postural and spinal alignment tests and get their X-rays done. Clients also receive a thermal scan of their spine during the initial exam.

After the initial exam the clients are brought in for a full explanation of their X-rays and a thorough review of their tests. During the private one hour process the client is advised of a method of treatment, how many visits it may require and the price.

“We close our office during that time, and we tell you what problems we may have found, what we can do to help, how often you need to come see us and how much it will cost. You get that all up front,” Dr. Melissa Ferry said.

“And your treatment is individualized to meet your needs based on the report results,” Dr. James Ferry added. “We don’t just have you come in and give you the same adjustment that another client gets. The treatment you receive is based on what your body needs to heal.”

Dr. James Ferry said he is somewhat a nerd when it comes to studying each client’s X-rays and tests.

“I really get into every detail when examining the client and explaining what we found,” he said. “I am detail oriented and want to do everything I can to improve their health.”

Live Oak Chiropractic is open from 8 a.m. until noon and 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 912-388-0126 to schedule an appointment or visit their website at:

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