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Hinesville Police blotter for Nov. 3
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Oct. 19: Disrupting public school, Hinesville
A public school principal told police a mother became angry and started cursing near the media center where a book fair was being held. The student’s mother and her boyfriend had removed the girl from her class to take her to the book fair, according to the HPD. When the principal noticed them at the book fair, she told the mother her child needed to return to the classroom because it was instructional time. The mother became angry when the principal took the child’s hand to walk her back to class, according to the police report.
The mother began cursing, grabbed the child from the principal and she, her boyfriend and the student left the school. The assistant principal told police she heard the cursing from her office and said it was not the first time the mother had “caused a scene” in the school.

Oct. 21
• Suspicious acts, Bradwell Street

A juvenile told police he had accidentally received lacerations. The boy said he was at a local apartment complex and saw two of his friends preparing to fight, according to HPD. The boy allegedly stepped in to break up the fight and said he was cut in the face and chest when one of the other youth’s threw a beer bottle against a wall, causing it to shatter.
He went to a local hospital for treatment. The doctor treating the boy said the cut on his chest went through a muscle and down to the rib cage bone, according to the police report.

Oct. 22
• Possession of hydrocodone with intent, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, carrying a concealed weapon (steak knife), Rebecca Street

A Saunders Avenue man was seen walking in the area of Rebecca Street toward Shipman Avenue, according to the police report. The man was wanted by the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office for a probation violation. Police detained the man to check on the warrant and found he was carrying an unopened 22-ounce Icehouse beer, a pack of Zig-Zag Blunt Wraps and a cell phone.
The man complained of fatigue and was allowed to sit on the curb, according to the report. As someone helped him stand, a black-handled steak knife fell where he had been sitting. The man told police he carried it for protection. Police searched him and found a bottle of pills prescribed to another person and a small, clear bag of marijuana in his pants pocket and another pill bottle.

Oct. 23
• Battery (FVA), Welborn Street

While being treated for injuries to her mouth, jaw, ear and head at a local hospital, a Palmer Lane woman told police her boyfriend pushed and repeatedly hit her. The woman said she and her boyfriend were walking to her cousin’s house so she could iron her relative’s clothes. Her boyfriend did not believe her about the errand, became angry and “thought she was sneaking out on him,” according to the police report.
The woman told police her boyfriend pushed and began to hit her. She fell to the ground and blacked out for a moment, according to HPD. Police reported bystanders heard yelling and saw a man hitting a woman, knocking her to the ground and hitting her again.
The man left when neighbors yelled at him, witnesses told police. Bystanders told police the man yelled out “I am going to come back with my AK-47 and shoot up this place.”

• Attempted suicide, Independence Place

An Independence Place man told police his roommate had been drinking and apparently tried to kill himself by drug overdose. The man said he thought his roommate had been sleeping in until his girlfriend received a text message from his roommate’s sister, according to HPD. The text message said the roommate planned to kill himself and wanted them to know so “his body doesn’t rot in his room,” according to the police report. The man allegedly found three empty prescription pill bottles in his roommate’s room.

Oct. 24
• Criminal attempt to commit burglary, Saunders Avenue

Police responded to reports of a gas leak at a local apartment complex. Officers reported the leak originated from the rear of a maintenance shed located between two apartment buildings in the complex. The Hinesville Fire Department responded and found the leak came from a damaged gas meter, according to the police report. HFD turned off the valve to the meter and determined the damage appeared to be intentional “as if someone were attempting to steal the meter,” police reported. A large wooden beam about eight feet long was apparently used to pry the meter from its connection, according to the report.

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