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Storm preparations open door for thieves
Hinesville PD blotter for Oct. 17

The following incidents are taken from Hinesville Police Department reports.

Criminal Trespass — An HPD officer was dispatched Oct. 7 to a Pineland Avenue address to talk to a woman who said she went into her garage around 11 a.m. and found her yard man laying on the floor in his underwear. Turns out the man had been living in her garage without her knowledge, so she told the man to leave and he did. Police found mail belonging to the man in the garage and some of his belongings. They told the woman to "immediately call 911 and stay secured in her home" if he returned to pick up his stuff.

Hurricane fallout

• An officer was sent out Oct. 7 to handle the complaint of a Brett Drive woman who said she saw her husband break her windshield. When officers arrived they talked to the husband, who said "he was inside the apartment cooking and did not know how (his wife’s) vehicle got damaged," the report said. "He stated the hurricane caused the damage."

Police checked out the windshield and "there were no objects or debris around the vehicle that could explain the damage or any evidence that the damage was caused by the hurricane."

The woman told police she saw her husband break it. The husband was arrested.

• Police were called out to Pineland Square Apartments around 3 a.m. Oct. 9 "in reference to a woman being dragged into the woods by a male with an orange shirt." When they got there, they met a man and his girlfriend. The man said the couple had gone to a friend’s apartment after their’s lost power during the hurricane.

"They were at (the apartment) when they began to argue and she went outside and began knocking on various doors until she knocked on his boss’ door. (The boyfriend) was trying to get (the girlfriend) to come back inside and stop yelling."

Both had been drinking, and both "had been advised of the curfew numerous times earlier that night and (were) previously cited for curfew violation," the report noted, adding that the man calmed down and went to his apartment after talking to police. The woman was another story. "(She) continued to yell in the direction of (boyfriend)." She was arrested for public drunkenness and taken to Liberty County Jail.

• An officer was sent Oct. 7 to a Cherokee Circle address "for a dispute involving a person with a pistol," and was the first officer on the scene.

Here’s some of his narrative, with the names omitted.

"I observed (a woman) with three children. (The woman) had an axe handle in her hand. (A sister, her brother and their mother) were also at the location, which was the road in front of the house. I also observed 2-3 bricks laying on the road in the general area."

"I am familiar with the participants and know they have a history of disputes with each other. (Four other HPD officers) also arrived to the location. It took several minutes to get control of the participants because they all were yelling at the same time and would not follow my commands to be quiet."

While the reporting officer interviewed one side, another officer talked to the other side.

"(The first woman) told me she was walking past the incident location to go to the store when (the mother) came outside and confronted her with a stick. (The first woman) said she was going to hit (the mother) when (the brother) came up to her and pointed a pistol at her head. (The woman) said the pistol was a small black semi-automatic … (the woman) then told me one of her kids brought her the axe handle from her house. (The woman) said the (mother and daughter) were throwing bricks at her also."

The other side of the story went like this.

"(The daughter) told me (the woman) came into their yard and started the dispute. She said (the woman) also had a pistol she took out of a black backpack and one of the kids took the backpack to their house when the police arrived. (The daughter) told me she had video on her cell phone of the incident … (and) agreed to send the video to (police.)."

"(The daughter) then said she was on the phone with 911 when (the woman) walked up to her with the axe handle and hit her right hand, which was holding the phone, hurting her hand and breaking the cell phone."

EMS came and checked (the daughter’s) hand and told her she needed to go to the emergency room, but "she said she wanted to stay … and give her statement and then she would go to the emergency room for treatment," the report continued, noting "(The daughter) also said she threw bricks at (the woman). (The mother) also said she threw bricks at (the woman) but she did not attack her with a stick. (The brother) also said he did not point a pistol at (the woman)."

As police continued their investigation, they found a stolen pistol and another pistol in the home of the sister, brother and mother, and confiscated both weapons. They also took the axe handle.

"(An HPD sergeant) was briefed on the incident and it was decided because of Hurricane Matthew’s soon arrival and waiting to look at (the daughter’s) video, we would secure warrants at a later date."

• Police were sent to a Lesa Street address around 3 p.m. Oct. 9 "in reference to an unknown disturbance." There, they met with a married couple apparently in the middle of a fight. The complainant, who is also listed as the suspect, told police that the victim wouldn’t let her into the house. The suspect then resisted officers’ attempts to calm her down and was arrested. So was the victim, who during the struggle told police to "’get off my wife’" and refused to obey commands to stay back. Both women were taken to jail.

• An officer at Pineland Square Apartments on Oct 8 enforcing the curfew spotted a couple outside one of the apartments arguing and decided to investigate. The man was upset because the woman wanted to go to a store to get cigarettes and was "acting in an irate manner," the report said. The woman, on the other hand, "was calm" and did not want the police to get involved. The officer told both there was a curfew and told the man to stop yelling at the woman. "The couple then went inside of their residence per curfew requirements," the report said.

It didn’t end there. The officer was later sent back to a different apartment at the complex, where the woman from the earlier incident had gone to get away from the man after an argument over her desire to go get cigarettes turned physical. The woman claimed the man punched her and grabbed her by the neck "and threw her across the room."

As the officer was talking to the woman, the man showed up and headed for the woman. The officer stopped the man, who claimed it was just an argument. "He also said that she slapped him across the face, so he punched her in the butt. He later told (another officer) that (the woman) hit him with a purse and the door to the freezer."

Police determined the man was at fault and he was taken to jail.


• A man reported Oct. 8 that he parked his car in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church because his apartment complex had "too many overhanging branches" and "the hurricane was due to strike that night."

When the man checked his car, he found a hole in his driver side window, but couldn’t find anything missing. Police said it looked like someone used a "tool or hammer" to break the window, but there was no evidence due to the storm.

The man was given a case number.

• An Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park resident reported Oct. 8 she and her roommate evacuated to avoid the hurricane. When she got back she found "her Nike shoe box with her new shoes missing. When she checked the residence further she found her roomate’s video game collection missing along with her DVD collection."

Police couldn’t find any signs the trailer had been broken into, but "based on my experience it appeared that the sash lock to the mobile home had been jimmied numerous times in the past and without the deadbolt the door would have been easy to bypass."

The woman was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report.

• Police were called to a Regency Place residence on Oct. 9 where a woman told them her home was broken into. "I viewed the front door and noticed a foot print on the door and that the door frame also appeared to be damaged (cracked and split)" the reporting officer said. "(The woman) informed me that the only items taken from her residence were several bottles of alcohol from the freezer and the bookcase." She was given a case number.

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