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Drought getting worse despite rain
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ATHENS With the heat intensifying in Georgia and little rain in sight, the state climatologist said Monday that nine more counties are in "extreme drought," upping the total to 104 counties.

The worsening conditions have plunged 38 other counties into severe drought, 15 counties into moderate drought and two counties into mild drought, state climatologist David Stooksbury said.

It's a step back from the conditions in early June, when Stooksbury released a report labeling 95 counties in extreme drought, 49 counties in severe drought, 12 in moderate drought and three in mild drought.

Stooksbury said the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry, which dumped rain on parts of southeast Georgia, seem to have brought only fleeting relief to the region. Many of the areas that benefited from the rains have received less than 60 percent of normal precipitation over the last two weeks, he said.

There's little hope that the drought will be snapped without tropical storms in July and August.

If the dry conditions continue, Stooksbury said to expect high temperatures between 100 degrees and 105 degrees routinely in much of the state, and high temperatures between 103 degrees and 108 degrees in the coastal plain.

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