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It’s me. I’m like those gnats.
Patty Leon

You know that annoying buzzing sound that echoes in your ear? That constant whirling fuzz in your face that forces you to flail your hands back and forth as you try and escape the swarm? No matter how hard you try or how fast you run you simply can’t escape those buzzing and annoying gnats?

It’s me. I’m like those gnats.

Just when you all thought I was done and out for good, I’m back.

I am humbled and grateful that the Courier’s new publisher, Dee McLelland, has offered me an opportunity to stay with the Courier working on the website, social media items, reporting on stories that impact Liberty and Long counties and serving as the managing editor for Liberty Life Magazine.

I know there are likely a few readers out there trying to figure out what it might take to swat me out of existence. But I also know there are others who will appreciate the hard work I plan to do in order to keep our readers informed on local governments, school boards, breaking news, sports and more.

I’m committed to making sure our website is constantly updated with new content and information, news, sports, community events and photo galleries.

I look forward to serving the community once again, especially during this pandemic. Many of us have been forced to remain isolated and we worry for our friends and family.

Now more than ever the sharing of insightful and truthful information is vital and can save lives.

I’m honored to help as needed to serve our community and our readers.

Patty Leon

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