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Time is now for legislators to be vigilant
“We’re going to have some very long days.”
Those eight words aren’t pleasant for anyone to hear. But when they’re uttered by the president of the Georgia Senate as the state legislature enters the last several days of the legislative session, those words are more than unpleasant. They should serve as a warning for legislators to be particularly vigilant.
“It’s unfortunate, but it’s also a matter of tradition, that the waning days of the Georgia General Assembly’s annual session are filled with a flurry of activity as bills that have moved at a relatively leisurely pace through the first 25 or so days of the session face some critical votes.
Legislative proposals that haven’t passed in at least one legislative chamber by Crossover Day will effectively be dead.
 — Athens Banner-Herald

Look forward, not to the past
It’s clear that a key problem facing each session of the General Assembly — 40 days in which our lawmakers have to devise solutions to vexing problems facing Georgia — is for legislators to correctly assign priorities and remain on point as the session proceeds. True, this probably isn’t very much fun.
Deciding whether or not a measure that would admit payday lenders back into the state is enforceable, or how Georgia can fund a network of badly needed trauma centers, are tedious, thought-provoking issues in which incorrect decisions could have unfortunate consequences. It’s therefore understandable that lawmakers might gravitate toward issues less taxing.
— Macon Telegraph
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