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Sound off for Jan. 19

“You would never hear the problems at First Presbyterian Christian Academy because they cover stuff up… ‘INSIDE THE HOUSE’.”

“To Liberty County teachers and support staff: be encouraged! You’re doing amazing things, despite all the challenges… you ALL are making a difference every day… hour… minute… get your spark back! You are appreciated!”

“To the Coastal Fish Wrap editor:  Thank you for recognizing that I was NOT the one claiming to be me and disowning the Republican party and support for Mr. Trump.  As long as there are people like Pelosi, Schumer, Lewis, Cummings, Waters, Booker, Cortes and all the other liberal snowflakes I will continue to support a president who cares more about Americans and not the power that comes with their political status.”

“Shout out to Councilman Chris Stacy for looking out for the Older folk of Riceboro! Been living here a longtime and haven’t seen the mayor or any other help, so what they waiting on?”

“Dr. Perry would you consider paying employees at Frank Long to work on Saturdays or Sundays? That is the only time we teachers can get anything done. Beginning at 3 p.m. EVERYDAY we have staff kids running up and down the hallways, roller skating in the building, and yelling (if you think I’m being untruthful just ask the principal to pull the tape from ANY given day). She knows it’s going on and she ALLOWS it. We just have to pack up and leave and hope we can get something done over the weekend. Please help put an end to this!”

“The Code Enforcement has gone downhill under the new management. There’s a man on Lee Road within city limits running an automobile painting business out of his house. There’s a dozen cars parked in his yard, it’s an eye-sore and it’s against the law.”

“Mrs. Baker! I cannot believe you think you don’t need to consider the military when you make decisions! Seriously? Do you realize how many of your voters are military or civilian employees? Thank you to the other board members for thinking of us!”

 “I’ve served my country for over four decades under a number of Commander in Chiefs during this time. The current Commander in Chief is a bad example and a poor excuse for the office.”

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