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Sound off for March 23
Sound off 092715

“This is for the Bible-toting Christians, not Bible-reading Christians. I pray that when you get to the pearly gates, that when you have to give an account for your life, I pray that St. Peter is not black or Mexican, and you’re not told to go stand behind a wall.”

“When is Dr. Perry going to do something about this administration at Frank Long Elementary? They do not support their teachers. I will be teaching somewhere else next year. I feel sorry for the other teachers. Frank Long never been like this.”

“When will the administration and LCBOE stand by their teachers? You have students that won’t stop hitting other kids and nothing is being done about this!  So you call their parents and that is all. ISS needs to be back in school or suspended for more than one day. How much more needs to happen before finally doing something to the student? These kids know that they have NO CONSEQUENCE! They hit students and now teachers! Seriously what do we need to do? Quit?”

“We need a big appliance store in Hinesville that stocks what they carry at the store so customers can take the item home today and not have to wait two or more weeks for the item to come in like at Lowe’s. They do have items in stock that were made in other countries like freezers that were made in China that they or nobody else carries the parts for. I need a 7.0 0r 7.1 cubic foot freezer today not two weeks from now. Does any appliance business or furniture stores carry on hand this type of freezer? Lowe’s needs to close up shop or quit carrying appliances they can’t stock at their store. For you lose business to the furniture stores.  Same goes for yard equipment; you don’t carry parts in stock. Because you lose business to auto parts stores.”

“I agree with the person who wrote about paraprofessionals. The teachers who have one in the classroom take some for granted and leave the class at times. Yet when they’re gone for one day or covering a class, the teacher is upset they can’t leave or work with a certain student. Please learn to appreciate them more.”

“The new varsity Bradwell baseball coach needs to be removed. He was removed before. Why would the Board of Education hire him again? He talks to our kids like they’re garbage. Ask the parents.”

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