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Sound off for March 30

“From a Bible toting AND reading Christian to last week’s caller: Heaven has a gate and wall because God’s immigration policy is tougher than Trump’s! Come visit our church (GBBC) and our pastor can help explain the policy!”

“Teachers: Your most ‘challenging’ student?   He or she needs you the most!  Be kind and empathetic.   Everyone is fighting a battle.  Imagine being just a kid and FIGHTING to beat the odds!  Try establishing a relationship with your ‘problem’ kid.  It goes a LONG way.  And if you don’t like a kid?   FAKE IT till you make it.  Not everyone likes YOU either.”

“I don’t think the local NAACP should be involved in any political forums going forward. No. 1, elections are not a civil rights issue. No. 2, the behavior of the local NAACP president during the last school board election was despicable.”

“Everyone, regardless of age, deserves respect, empathy, support, forgiveness, peace, and unconditional love.”

“Last night I attended a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ function through CASA. I could not believe what I saw. The judging was so unfair. As a parent of one of the contestants I would have been really angry. You do not reward points to someone because they have a meltdown on stage and because they are cute. I will never attend another function through CASA. That was a rip off. The best contestants did not win. And I was there to support the work of the organization.”

“Another serious wreck at Veterans Parkway intersection. That has no streetlights and is impossible to see where to turn at night. Yet a lot of these strip malls have lights during the day without sensors to come on during dark and cloudy times. Please city leaders let’s get our dark city brightened and lit up for the safety and security of all.”

“Finally, a good Sound Off regarding cardboard. I agree 100 percent. Boxes should be separated from regular trash. A more convenient place to recycle everything, especially glass, plastic, think of all the water bottles. A city as large of Hinesville is not encouraging. A monthly or bi-monthly pickup by the city of Hinesville would be helpful.”

“All this in the paper about code enforcement. There’s a man on Lee Road next to my brand new house painting cars for a living in a residential, city-limit house. Why can this go on? Code enforcement needs to tighten up.”

“I’d like to know if you are allowed to have horses within in the city limits. I was driving down South Main and over to my right, there was a horse in the Belle Mead housing development. Is it now policy that we can have horses in the city limits in housing developments?”

“When parents and teachers work together? THAT’s when the magic happens...Support one another!”

“Thank you Coastal Courier for printing everyone even the fish wrap man who wasted fourteen lines printed in the sound off to complain about someone else who wasn’t their concern. It’s always about the fish wrap man.”

“I would like to know why the Liberty County library is allowing a child molester to read to little kids. There are not supposed to be by law around little kids. This is a danger for children.”



“Rest in peace mad dog, I love you.”

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