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Thanks to all who worked BRAG
Letter to editor
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Editor, Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) came to Liberty County on Friday, June 10 and headed out Saturday, June 11. The 1,200 cyclists who had been riding across the state all week stayed at Snelson-Golden Middle School, camping out across the grounds and inside the school itself.
The planning committee for this event, realizing that tourism is the No. 2 industry in the state, has been working diligently since January to make sure BRAG riders were properly welcomed to Liberty County.
The committee consisted of representation from the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, city of Flemington, city of Hinesville, Hinesville Fire Department, Liberty Regional EMS, Liberty County EMA, OMI, Georgia Power, Southeast Auto, the Coastal Courier, Hinesville Police Department, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Hinesville Area Arts Council, Keep Liberty Beautiful and Snelson-Golden Middle School.
The cyclists were given welcome bags that contained maps (donated by the chamber), county magazines, pens, local restaurant listings, city of Flemington bandanas, city of Hinesville towels and more. Special thanks to Dr. David Peer of Liberty Clinic of Chiropractic and the LaQuinta Inn for their donated items. The United Way also gave out free fruit for several hours Friday afternoon.
The Hinesville Area Arts Council and Target showed a free family movie Friday evening with free snacks. Special thanks to Terri Willet with the city of Flemington, Debra Attical with Liberty Transit and Dr. Bernadette Crow with Snelson-Golden Middle School. Without these three ladies, this event never would have come together so nicely.
Dr. Crow did not hesitate to roll out the red carpet for the riders and was on-site from 7 a.m. until almost 7 p.m. She went above and beyond the call of duty and never wavered in her determination to make things go smoothly. Terri tirelessly answered questions about where to eat, how to get there and when the buses were coming, and Debra made sure the buses arrived on time, scheduling everything so there were no gaps in service.
From the chamber, a special thanks to Traci Holton, Antionette Brown and Leah Hayes for packing the welcome bags. You ladies made many people happy!
One comment that I heard over and over was how gracious and welcoming Liberty County was. Many riders said we definitely were the No. 1 stop on this year’s ride. Great job, Liberty County, and thank you.

— Leah Poole
Executive director, Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

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