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SEC gets it going; Gators, Dawgs roll
Armchair Willie
Armchair Willie

Let’s do this.

I never doubted we would have football in the South, but those namby pamby’s up North kept shuffling their feet and now they want to play. Mark my words, the Big 10, which has 14 teams by the way, won’t see any type of championship coming their way anytime soon.

Let’s get the SEC going baby!

Florida at Mississippi: Well old Lane Kiffin got another real job! If you call the Mississippi job ‘real.’ How has this one-hit wonder landed three big time head coaching jobs? USC, Tennessee and now Ole Miss? He got run out of Tuscaloosa for some of his antics and he might have had better players at FAU where he was than at Ole Miss.

The Gators have their eyes on bigger fish this season, or should I say ‘Dawgs?’ They should be a real threat to Georgia in the East and starting out with a win over the ‘Baby Blues’ should be relatively easy. Gators Chomp!


Kentucky at Auburn: Auburn is a tough place to play, but without fans it could be a little easier and Kentucky has been puffing their chests out about how ‘tough’ they are.

Auburn will be taking the ‘Gus Bus’ for one more season, but this game could turn out to be a forecaster of what’s to come. My connections say if Auburn drops this game Gus will be riding his bus into the sunset soon. His biggest wins have been flukes for the most part and every time Auburn gets hype they trend back down quickly. Cat Scratch Fever!


Mississippi State at LSU: Death Valley may seem a little less intimidating without fans, but new Bulldog coach Mike Leech gets a rude introduction to the SEC.

LSU has lost several key players who opted out for the season. I think several Mississippi State players may wish they had done the same thing after this one is over. Geaux Tigers!


Georgia at Arkansas: Arkansas hasn’t won an SEC game in a while and they will have to wait a little longer.

Georgia, even with Kirby Smart not knowing what a QB looks like, should still be able to ram rod the Hogs. Georgia has more talent that the Razorbacks and it should be an easy time for the Bulldogs. Hell, the flight there will be scarier than the game. Dawgs Rule!


Alabama at Missouri: Last time Alabama played in Missouri there was a rain storm that soaked the field and Eddie Lacey soaked the Tigers early. Get ready for the same thing.

Looks like the Tide is on a mission from all accounts after missing the playoffs for the first time and old Nick Saban is going to let the boys loose on poor old Missouri. Look for the Tide defense to back to its old form as well. Tide Rolls!


Vanderbilt at Texas A&M: The Aggies have had players opt out as did Vanderbilt. The Aggies can afford to lose a few players, Vandy can’t. The Aggies have their QB back for what seems like the 10th season and it shouldn’t be a contest.

Vanderbilt is on its way to a perfect season, 0-10. The Commodores may get demoted.


Tennessee at South Carolina: Two teams I think are heading in opposite directions. Tennessee is going to be looking for greater things down the road and the Gamecocks will be looking for a new coach.

Tennessee finished strong last year and I don’t see any reason why that would change under Jeremy Pruitt as he continues to pad his resume before heading back to Tuscaloosa when Nick Saban retires after his team wins a few more national titles. Go Vols!


NFL Quick Picks: The Atlanta Falcons are the only normal thing in 2020 after blowing a 20 point lead to lose to Dallas 40-39. NFL teams who scored 39 points or more and didn’t have a turnover were 440-0 in league history. 

Make that 440-1 because the Falcons are the Falcons. BEARS 27, FALCONS 20

The NFC South looks like it’s the New Orleans Saints division if they continue their hot play………..

Armchair Willie has predicted college and pro football games since 1978 and has been acknowledge as a true sports fan with a keen sense of sarcasm and taste for beer.

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