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Knievel makes historic Georgia jump
Robbie Knievel soars over Wild Adventures Theme Park on Saturday in Valdosta. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

Robbie "Kaptain" Knievel wowed his fans in Valdosta on Saturday with his historic water-to-water jump at Wild Adventures Theme park. The stunt marked the first time in the daredevil’s 40-year career that he made a jump in Georgia.

In front of a huge, holiday-weekend crowd, Knievel raced his motorcycle down a built-up ramp at approximately 80 miles per hour and soared over a distance equivalent to 30 cars.

After the historic jump, Knievel popped a wheelie on his cycle, drove back to the top of the receiving ramp and pumped his fist as the audience went wild.

The seemingly perfect jump went off without a hitch, and Knievel soared gracefully through the air like an eagle. However, the jump, like all stunts, was dangerous. Risks involved included hitting the ramp and flying too far over the receiving ramp.

Before the stunt, Knievel talked about the fear he still battles every time he attempts a jump.

"Oh, yeah (I still worry). Every time you look at that ramp, I have a little talk with God and ask him to fly with me on this jump … I still get butterflies. I’m still human," he said.

Regarding his future, Knievel, 48, said he wants to make a few jumps similar to those of his father, the late Evel Knievel.

"I’ve broken all of the records that my father made, but I’ve done it on a bike that’s about 100 pounds lighter than what he used, so really I don’t feel like I’ve broken any of his records," Knievel said. "I’m going to be focusing on my next jump at Wembley (England), which is where my dad tried to jump 13 buses, and I’m going to be doing that on a bike like the one he used."

Knievel, a grandfather who lives in Beaufort, S.C., also talked about his plans after he makes his final motorcycle jump and hangs up his helmet.

"Well, a big yacht, a big golf course and more time as a grandfather," he said. "I also am looking at opening a sports bar-museum somewhere near Savannah off I-95."

Wild Adventures public relations coordinator Micha Hogan was pleased with the park’s turnout for Knievel’s stunt.

"Even though Robbie Knievel has completed 250 professional stunts, it is still a thrill for him every time, and it was definitely a thrill for us. We were happy to have him celebrate the 4th of July here at Wild Adventures," she said. "Many thanks to Robbie and his crew for sharing their holiday weekend with us at the park, and sharing his wonderful talent with us and our guests. Thank you also to our guests for sharing their weekend with us.

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