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Answer to a FAQ: the eternal question of ball position
Golf pro Graham Lewis - photo by Photo provided.

Q:  One of the most-frequent questions I get asked by students is: Where is the best ball position when they are hitting with different clubs?
A:  There is no exact or perfect ball position that fits all golfers.  
However, as a general rule, the ball should be played from slightly forward of the center of your stance for most full shots from relatively flat ground.  
It is critical that you determine the correct target line (alignment) first.  Only then can you establish the proper ball position.  
Points to remember:  As your shots get longer and you use a longer club, your stance gets wider.  
Every golfer is different, and their ball position may vary a little.  
Try this:  Start with your driver off your left heel (for right handers) and with your feet a little wider apart than the width of your shoulders.  
As the shots get shorter and your club gets shorter, move the ball farther back in your stance (toward the center), until your wedge position is near the center of your stance.  Remember that the distance between your feet gets less with each shorter club.  Your feet should be placed about a foot or so apart for wedge shots.  
The above may seem like a big change in ball position for all your clubs, but in reality it is not because the width of your stance changes.  
Tip:  Always practice with an alignment rod or a club to make sure you have the proper alignment.  Then experiment with ball positions.  We will deal with the cause and effect of poor ball position in the next article.
As always, have fun playing and practicing the game of golf.  Email me at with questions and join us at Sapelo Hammock every Monday evening for our continuous learning sessions.  

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