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Making their name in NPC
Local figure competitors faring well
Tiffany Morgan is now ranked 14th nationally. - photo by Photo provided.

Local figure competitor Renee Hofkin placed second in her first National Physique Committee event in the masters over-35 category at the July 16 Georgia NPC Bodybuilding Competition in Atlanta.
Tiffany Morgan, also a local figure competitor, shined at her first national pro-card qualifier event and now is ranked 14th nationally after competing in New Jersey on July 9 at the NPC Team Universe competition.
Morgan is hoping to earn her pro card and said being nationally ranked takes her one step closer to that goal. She said there were 400 competitors at the event, with 140 girls competing in the figure segment. Morgan, who competes in the tall height class, was up against 32 women.
“I felt confident,” she said. “I felt that I brought the best package that I ever brought to a show and I wasn’t nervous at all. It was the hardest show I’ve done ever, but I’m happy because now I’m officially ranked nationally at 14th. It was my first national show and I was competing against girls that have been doing it for a while.”
It was Hofkin’s first NPC event. She said she didn’t place in the medium height class but was thrilled when she saw her number posted on the wall for a second callout.
“They posted my number in the top three, but no placement was assigned at that point,” she said. “Looking at the other two girls, I knew who had first — it was pretty much a given. But between the second and third spot, I really felt I had third. And I was resolved that third was great. I went there with the intention that anything in the top five was great for me and here I was in the top three. I got on stage and the results were announced. And when they said, ‘And third place goes to,’ and they announced the other girl’s name, I about had a heart attack but I knew that meant I was the runner-up. Needless to say, it was one of those Kodak moments for emotions. I couldn’t believe I just placed second.”
Both women took a week off right after their events.
“I had ice cream for the first time in a year,” Morgan said.
But both are back to pumping iron as they prepare for their next show.
“Right now I’m training for NPC Nationals, which is in November, so I have 16 weeks but I don’t want to let up,” Morgan said. “I want to get a little more size on…that’s always the issue with me, making sure I don’t get too skinny.”
Morgan, who has a 22-inch waist, said she trains year-round to make sure she improves for the next event.
“As far as stage presentations, I still think that I have one of the best presentations out there in the sport as far as NPC level,” she said. “But as far as conditioning, I know I still have a lot of work to do, I’m always going to feel that way whether I am still an amateur or an Olympian.”
Hofkin is training for another local show, the 180 Fitness Competition coming up in October in Statesboro. She said it is a small venue compared to Atlanta.
“It was an intimidating show,” she said about last week’s meet. “It was my first NPC show, which is a slightly higher level show (than my first one). It was a bigger show, steeper competition in my opinion and I saw a lot of nice physiques and got some ideas of where I need to improve and what I want to do to pursue the next first-place finish, which is what I plan to do.”
Hofkin said the competition bug definitely has bitten her.
“I don’t want to stop until I get at least one first-place trophy and I’m afraid that when I get one I’m not going to want to stop,” Hofkin said. “But right now the goal is to get the body in the shape it needs to be to take a first-place trophy. And it would be nice to get a first place at a NPC show.”
Morgan is working on added some size to her calves and said her back is her strong point when competing.
“People compliment my back all the time,” Morgan said. She said she will maintain her diet, eating several times a day, consuming small to moderate portions.
Hofkin said she also is on a diet that primarily is controlled portions but is looking to add more cardio to her workout routine to come in a bit leaner for her next show.
Morgan has 16 weeks to get ready for the NPC National show in Fort Lauderdale Fla., on Nov 18-19. She said it is the last pro-card qualifier event for this year.
“I want to make the top five or first in my class to get my pro card but at least make the top five,” she said.
Morgan also has qualified for the Arnold Amateur event in March 2012.
Hofkin is not far behind and is hoping to compete in her second NPC event in November as well.

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