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Riceboro native's famous dessert a sweet success
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Henrietta Relaford Weaver also has a cookbook out. - photo by Photo by Hollie Moore Barnidge

Name: Henrietta Relaford Weaver

Self-employed baker, owner of Henrietta’s Art of Baking in Midway

Salary: According to, a baker in Hinesville can expect to make, on average $35,135 per year. Henrietta Relaford charges $25-$35 for cakes, $6.75 for original and key lime flavored coconut strips, and $7.50 for chocolate and chocolate key lime flavored coconut strips.

How did you get into this profession? “I grew up baking in Riceboro with my mom and grandma. As I baked more, I improved,” Henrietta said. She also went to school for cake decorating. At 40, Henrietta opened her own bakery in Key West, where she became famous for her coconut strips.

Why Key West? “God sent me to Key West. The right place is so important.”

Do you have a family? “I have two sons. Don McIntosh in Key West and Steve McIntosh in Miami. Don is still selling coconut strips in Key West at Mallory Square. Also, my father, Henry and his wife, Barbara, was a great instrument in helping me come back home.”

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? “Seeing people enjoy my food and baking. To see the expression on people’s faces when they eat my coconut strips. That’s enjoyable.”

What’s your least favorite part of the job? “Juggling all the baking by myself. I’d like to step back into a supervisory position and hire some help.”

What is your favorite dessert, or are you tired of eating desserts?
“My favorite is my coconut pecan pound cake.”

Key West is a high-traffic location. Did you ever meet anyone famous? “Yes, the Deen boys and I was on Paula’s Party on Food Network and Keith Famie’s show on Food Network.”

Brothers Jamie and Bobby Deen, sons of famous Savannah chef, restaurateur and Food Network personality Paula Deen, visited Henrietta’s Key West shop and featured her coconut strips on a segment of their Food Network television show, Road Tasted.
Henrietta appeared as a guest on Paula Deen’s Food Network television show, Paula’s Party, as well.
Henrietta’s conch rolls also were featured on an episode of Keith Famie's Adventures on the Food Network.

What’s your busiest time of year? “Thanksgiving and Christmas and every time the Food Network re-runs the episodes of the shows I’ve been on, I get a lot of orders.”

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