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County doesn't deserve SPLOST
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Editor, Liberty County citizens, get ready, it’s close to the time that the sheep of Liberty County will flock to the polls to vote us our biannual 1 percent pay cut.
Yes, that’s right — a pay cut. Most of us spend just about all we make. Few of us, especially in these days, can afford a savings or an investment program.
We get our paychecks and we spend our paychecks. We pay the standard 6 percent sales tax, and then we take another 1 percent out of our hide for the tax-and-spend leaders of our community.
Look around, they are not cautious with our money. Extravagant marinas for a chosen few and public buildings that rival the Roman forum, just to mention a few expenditures.
Let’s keep our 1 percent. Heaven knows we just might need it in the coming months.
I’m sure our government will function. It just might mean that they would have to live and spend within their budget.

Joseph L. Gillam

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