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Dogfighting is inhuman
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Editor, The column by Mike Riddle in the Aug. 19 Coastal Courier was very disturbing.
I confess I am a nature, animal and dog lover. I feel the crimes Michael Vick committed were simply inhuman. Mike (not Vick), to refer to these poor, innocent dogs who were subjected to electrocution, drowning, hanging, raped (there was a rape stand in the complex) as “property” is incredible. These dogs were subjected to some of the most barbaric acts, all because they didn’t fight hard enough.
These poor, innocent dogs were in the wrong place (Vick’s compound) at the wrong time. I don’t want to make this into a Michael Vick issue, but dogfighting is a cruel, barbaric act.
I have known Mike Riddle for years and agreed with him on many issues, but I must disagree with this column. For individuals who are into dogfighting, don’t have a dog do your fighting, be a man or woman and fight other dogfighting enthusiasts. That I have no objection to.

Joseph B. Stuart
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