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Senator fears health care reform costs
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Editor, We all know that the current health-care system must be reformed. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress are focused on rushing though a radical health care bill. Despite their promises that this overhaul will not raise your taxes, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the measure will cost $1.2 to $1.8 trillion over 10 years.
Where will the money come from to pay for this new, enormous entitlement? While Democrats claim that only the ultra wealthy will pay the bill, I think you know better. The only way to pay for any plan with such a price tag is through massive tax increases for all Americans. Such massive tax increases are unacceptable at any time but particularly at this time when our nation’s economy is trying to recover from recession.
Instead of these economy crushing tax and health care proposals, I support alternative solutions like S.1099, the Patients’ Choice Act of 2009, which seeks to strengthen the relationship between the patient and the doctor by using choice and competition, rather than rationing and restrictions, to contain costs and ensure affordable health care for all Americans.
When you combine the new costs that the current administration has proposed — from the health care overhaul to cap-and-trade to big labor’s card check agenda, not to mention the already-passed stimulus bill — it seems that the Democrats in power are on an unsustainable spending spree to promote their social agenda that will bankrupt our country.

Johnny Isakson,
Georgia U.S. Senator
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