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An appreciation for the Holy Ghost Cowboy
In the pulpit
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The Holy Ghost Cowboy has been pastoring for 38 and has seen many ministers and pastors birthed from his ministry.

In appreciation for his service to God and mankind, current and former members of Powerhouse of Deliverance Church and friends will pause to show their love and appreciation for the Bishop Raymond Napper and his wife Dr. Mary Napper at 4 p.m. today at 218 Airport Road in Hinesville.

“This will be a time of rejoicing and thanking God for our leaders and their many years of devoted service. They have made a powerful impression in the lives of everyone they touch,” said Rhonda Jemison, who serves on the pastoral care committee and is station manager of WGML-AM 990 gospel radio station.

Bishop Napper is recognizable throughout the community for his large “cowboy” hat, which is symbolic of his mission.
“As the Holy Ghost Cowboy, I round up souls and brand them Jesus,” Bishop Napper said.

Bishop Napper, who came to Liberty County in 1983 while serving in the military, founded Powerhouse and co-pastors there with his wife.

“We co-pastor together. I lean on her and she leans on me. I am no more man than she is woman, and she is no more woman than I am man,” he said.

Bishop Napper oversees seven churches in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Texas. He has been featured on television and radio and in various newspapers. He has established Powerhouse of Deliverance churches in Germany, Korea and Alaska.

“The churches were named Powerhouse of Deliverance because our assignment is to set the captives free,” he said. “It’s a deliverance ministry. If you are not sold out, don’t mess with deliverance. You have to be rooted and grounded in God. When trouble comes your way, you can’t quit. Through God, you can stand.”

Bishop Napper is active in the community and known for lending a helping hand. Powerhouse of Deliverance Church and its ministries have far-reaching impacts.

“The Positive Change Program was implemented for youths having problems in school, home, and the community. I go to the courthouse every week,” Bishop Napper said.

The church also has the prayer soul outreach ministry, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, and a successful development camp; the all-day, everyday summer camp program has been in existence since 1983. Every November, Dr. Mary Napper hosts the annual Harvest Fest; this year’s celebration is Nov. 7-10. “The purpose of Harvest Fest is to bring God’s people together to show them there can be a harvest in their lives,” Bishop Napper said.

Jemison said the Nappers have had a personal effect on her.

“I thank God for allowing me to meet such a powerful man and woman of God,” Jemison said. “I was moving out an apartment here in Hinesville, and I prayed, and this man came up with a truck and workers. My son (Jerry) said, ‘Mom, that’s that man who is the Holy Ghost Cowboy.’ Bishop Napper asked me if I had a church, and I told him no. He invited me to Powerhouse, and my family and I have been there for 11 years.

“I enjoy working for him as radio station manager. Dr. Napper calls me every day to see how I am doing. If she does not call, she will stop by the station. I thank God for them.”

Powerhouse’s radio station has daily broadcasts to local and surrounding cities such as Savannah, Brunswick and Statesboro.
“The radio ministry is for God’s people. We encourage churches to use this ministry to announce their special programs and events,” Bishop Napper said.

Powerhouse of Deliverance also has a quarterly magazine, The Roundup, and a bus ministry.

“The Holy Ghost Cowboy is still riding. I’ve been through hell and high waters, but I am still riding,” Bishop said. “I advise young ministers and pastors to depend on God and seasoned preachers to guide them. These seasoned preachers have wisdom. They know the layout of things because they have gone through some things. Whatever you do, don’t change the gospel.”

Powerhouse has worship service each Sunday, with Sunday school at 9:30 am, and morning service at 11 a.m. Bible study is at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, while joy night is 7:30 p.m. Friday. For additional information about the church and its activities, go to or email Bishop Napper at bishopnapper or call 912-368-3210 for speaking engagements or to conduct workshops.

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