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Father who wouldn't give up finds daughter nearly 24 years after she went missing in China
This CNN photo shows Wang Mingqing hugging his daughter Kang Ying nearly 24 years after she went missing. - photo by Trent Toone
A tender family reunion in China is touching countless hearts across the globe.

Nearly 24 years ago, the young daughter of Wang Mingqing and his wife Liu Dengying's went missing. But years and years of distributing thousands of photos paid off this week when father and mother were reunited with their daughter and her own family, according to CNN.

"The family cried as Wang and Kang embraced, with Kang telling his daughter, 'daddy loves you,'" CNN reported.

The daughter, who was named Qifeng but renamed Kang Ying by her adoptive family, went missing in 1994 while the couple sold fruit in the city of Chengdu. She was found crying on the side of the road and raised by another family, CNN reported.

Her parents searched for her to no avail, but they never gave up hope of finding their daughter.

Eventually, Wang began working for a ride-sharing service as a way to distribute thousands of photos of his daughter's sister to see if anyone noticed a resemblance. He hoped that one day she might open the door and get into his car.

His story was picked up by the local media. A police sketch artist volunteered to draw an age-advanced drawing of what the daughter might look like as an adult.

"That image made its way to Kang Ying," according to CNN.

Kang, now a wife and mother of two children, saw the sketch and was amazed at the resemblance. After reaching out to Wang, their family connection was confirmed through a DNA test, kicking off an emotional reunion.

"It's a remarkable story thanks to the sheer determination of Wang Mingqing, the father who just wouldn't give up," CNN reported in a video.

Read the entire story and watch a video at CNN.
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