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It always pays to do the right thing
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In Proverbs 12:22, the scripture says, “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful.” This scripture tells us that God doesn’t approve of us telling lies. It really is saying that he hates it when we lie and it makes him happy when we tell the truth.
Galations 6:7 also tells us that “A man reaps what he sows.” This means that there are consequences when we decide to go against God’s will and word. If we intentionally tell lies, then we should not expect the blessings of God.
I recently visited Florida with some of my grandkids, and we were planning to go to a Disney World park. At a souvenir store, I noticed a booth offering a discount on tickets.
The lady told me we could listen to a presentation to receive discounted tickets. She also said she had some for sale where we didn’t have to go through the presentation.
When I asked her what the difference was, she said with the no-presentation tickets all I had to do was lie and say “no” if asked anyone if I purchased them for a cheaper rate.
I told her that because of my conscience I couldn’t do that. She responded by saying, “Oh, if you are a Christian that can’t do that, then go ahead and pay the full amount.”
She and her boss went on to rationalize all the reasons why it would be all right to lie about this, even as a professing Christian.
After leaving there, I decided in the short run I may end up paying more, but in the long run I will reap what I have sown because I did the right thing. It all goes back to that saying, “Whatever goes around comes around.”
My dad used to say, “It pays to serve the Lord.” I am saying, “It pays to always do the right thing,” and it all starts with making a decision to be a Christ follower.

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