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People notice when you accept Jesus
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When it comes to cold weather, I will admit that I am a sissy.
I hate it with a passion. These last few days have been an answer to my prayers, or at least something I have been looking forward to.
With the coming of spring, there are certain signs I look for. One thing I have been noticing along the roadways is the leaf buds starting to swell and turn a reddish color.
For me, a true sign that spring has arrived is the yellow jasmine starting to bloom, which will happen in a few weeks. Of course the biggest sign is the consistent change in air temperature.
Just like there are signs of spring, there are also signs that a person has had a change of heart towards their relationship with God.
All through the New Testament, the writers make statements like, “You used to live this way, but now you live this way,” or “You used to serve this idol or god, but now you serve and worship the true and living God.”
One scripture goes so far as to say, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” In other words, there is a dying of the old way of life and an ushering in of a new way of life.
When a person becomes a Christian and accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior, then there are visible and audible signs. The person thinks differently, which leads to them acting and talking differently. The change that has taken place on the inside works it way to the outside.
The good news for those who have not experienced this type of a new life is that you can. Open up your life to Jesus Christ and invite him in, and you yourself and others will see the signs of change.

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