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Life in Liberty: Q&A with Yvette Asplund
Yvette Asplund - photo by Photo provided.

Q:What is your job title?
A: I am an IT asset management analyst.

Q: How do you know Kathleen and/or Ray Lancia?
A: We first met 18 years ago in church.

Q:How have they helped the community?
A:Multiple outreach programs, being foster parents and always volunteering in the community.

Q:What impact did Ray leave on those who were in his life?
A: Oh, wow. He made people want to be better. His legacy of love, honor and his spirit are still strong in those he touched.

Q: What do you think motivates Kathleen to continue to serve the community?
A: Her love of life and her love of God.

Q: How can the community be more involved like the Lancias?
A: They need to stop turning their backs on each other and stop using each other. Understand that it takes a village to truly survive, not just exist.

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