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Encephalitis hits another Long Co. horse
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LONG COUNTY — A horse in Long County has tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis. This is the third positive test for EEE in Long County horses this summer.
EEE is a mosquito-borne virus that causes swelling of the brain. In horses, it is fatal 70 to 90 percent of the time. A vaccine is available to protect horses from this potentially fatal virus and all horse owners in Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long and McIntosh counties are encouraged to vaccinate their animals against EEE.
Horse and large animal owners are also encouraged to clean out watering sources, such as buckets and troughs, every few days to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.
Humans are also susceptible to EEE. Residents in Long County can lessen their chances for contracting mosquito-borne illnesses such as EEE and west Nile virus by following the five Ds of prevention:
• Dusk: Mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus usually bite at dusk and dawn.
• Dawn: Avoid outdoor activity at dusk and dawn if possible. If you must be outside, be sure to protect yourself from bites.
• Dress: Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to reduce the amount of exposed skin.
• DEET: Cover exposed skin with an insect repellent containing the chemical DEET, which is the most effective repellent against mosquito bites.
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