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No flu found in local schools
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Although the Liberty County High School soccer team played a team from Henry County, near the Eagle’s Landing school that closed earlier in the week due to a confirmed case of swine flu, officials say they don’t suspect any local students are infected by the virus.
They are, however, monitoring the students.
“We’ve been working close with public health officials and the CDC,” Carol Darsey, LCHS lead nurse, said Wednesday. “We’re getting updates almost hourly for new things.”
She said the number of confirmed cases seems to have slowed recently and that the school got a notice from the CDC Tuesday downgrading the threat level to orange.
“We’re continuing with our universal precautions,” Darsey said. “We’re following the CDC guidelines and we’re watching all the students.”
At this point they are using the same precautions as for any and all infectious disease, which include enforcing good hygiene and encouraging anyone who feels ill to stay home.
“We’re feeling pretty good,” Darsey said about keeping the students healthy.
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