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Sound off for Feb. 26
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I am tired of the stores asking for my telephone number. When I tell them it’s on my check, they look at me like I’m crazy.

About the commercial vehicle parked in Tremain Estates: I live in Olmstead subdivision. We’ve had school buses, cable-company vans, sheriff’s and police cars, not to mention semi-trucks. Just put your poly cart away and all will be fine.

Well, you can tell New Year’s was a little while ago. I don’t have to wait in line anymore to use the machines at the gym. The resolution-makers have vanished, and it didn’t take too long.

Once again, Feb 22, 2014, Bradwell Institute has earned the right to participate in the Georgia state-final Reading Bowl competition, held again in Athens next month. This means Bradwell Institute has won first place in the first three competitions, and state is it. Last year, they took second place at state, which is an honor demonstrating the work they did to get there. Shout out to Bradwell Institute Reading Bowl representing us, the Southeast District.

If my cell service provider claims they have a tower in the area, and they say I should have strong service, then why don’t I? Providers should let you out of your contract if you can never use your phone. What’s the point?

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